Hei Toki Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone
Hei Toki Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone
Hei Toki Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone

Hei Toki Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone

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(74 length x 26 width x 11 depth) mm

This  Hei Toki has been crafted by hand in our Oro Negro Studio on Karangahape Road out of New Zealand Inanga Pounamu stone from the West Coast of the South Island. This piece has been finished with an adjustable 4-plaited waxed cord.

As each piece is handmade, everyone will vary from the last, with varying textures, marks and stone colours. Every piece is one of a kind.

The Hei Toki Blade is a culturally significant symbol within the Maori culture, representing courage and strength, particularly in times of difficulty. These blades were carved to be used as chisel tools for the practice of Whakairo (Traditional wood carving), to craft Marae (meeting houses) and Waka (canoes).

Hei Toki pendants were also worn by Māori elders to symbolise power, wisdom, and authority.  New Zealand Greenstone, known to Maori as Pounamu, and the rest of the world as jade, is a historically and culturally important stone to all New Zealanders.

Maori have used the stone in rituals and as statements of rank and power. It protects us when travelling abroad, and is noted for having healing powers.


Crafted by hand at the Oro Negro Studio on Karangahape Road. We follow Māori Whakairo protocol in crafting taonga that honours the traditions of tangata whenua o Aotearoa. As Colombian carvers, our practice is also about connecting with our own Indigenous South American art forms. Acknowledging and upholding the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is an integral part of our Aotearoa New Zealand perspective.


Pounamu polishes and shines itself overtime by absorbing the natural oils of your skin. Likewise, rubbing into the stone’s surface a natural oil such as olive or coconut oil will also add lustre. Our pounamu can be worn daily, yet care should always be taken to minimise impact which could potentially cause hairlines cracks or breaks. Wearing your pounamu close to the skin will always act as a protective measure.

Hei Toki Pounamu New Zealand Greenstone