Small Toki Hapopo Pounamu
Small Toki Hapopo Pounamu
Small Toki Hapopo Pounamu

Small Toki Hapopo Pounamu

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15mm wide 8mm thick 40mm tall

adjustable 4-plait burgundy red waxed cord

Hapopo Certified Ngāi Tahu Pounamu from Te Tai o Poutini o Te Waipounamu West Coast of the South Island

Hei Toki symbolises mana: authority, power, honour and respect.

The toki pendant can aid the wearer in achieving their pursuits.

Wearing a toki can help you find strength, determination, courage, bravery and wisdom.

The toki has its origins as a stone tool used throughout Polynesia. Māori revered their toki poutangata (ceremonial adzes), made of pounamu lashed onto exquisitely carved wooden handles. Toki poutangatas were wielded by rangatira / Māori chiefs and used on ceremonious occasions. Their spiritually significant taonga contain mauri (life force) and thus were carefully passed down generations.

Crafted by hand at the Oro Negro Carving Studio on Karangahape Road. We follow Māori Whakairo protocol in crafting taonga that honours the traditions of tangata whenua o Aotearoa. As Colombian carvers, our practice is also about connecting with our own Indigenous South American art forms.

Our Taonga is made to be worn daily. You can shower with it on. It is advised that during physical activity you take off your pounamu or wear it under your clothing. Pounamu will absorb your skin’s oils, so if your taonga is looking dry you can rub it against your skin. Alternatively, you can rub into the stone a tiny amount of natural oil such as coconut or olive oil for shine.

Small Toki Hapopo Pounamu