Collection: Pikorua / Twist

Pikorua (twist) is a contemporary design resembling two intertwined pikopiko ferns; a native species of Aotearoa. The interconnectivity of the organic pikopiko form connotes a sense of connectivity and emergence; of neither beginning nor end

Māori knowledge, mātauranga intrinsically recognises that all animate and inanimate elements are infused with spirit or living essence; encompassing the element of stewardship, or kaitiakitanga, associated with the term when it is used in relation to resources, including land and water.


Our stones are sourced from the Arahura River on the West Coast of the South Island. All our pieces are carved by hand and finished off using the traditional method of sanding by hand with a sandstone stick. We follow the Maori Whakairo (carving) protocols closely and we strive to craft Taonga (treasures) that honour the traditions of the Tangata Whenua  of Aotearoa.


Pounamu polishes and shines itself overtime by absorbing the natural oils of your skin. Likewise, rubbing into the stone’s surface a natural oil such as olive or coconut oil will also add lustre. Our pounamu can be worn daily, yet care should  be taken to minimise impact which could potentially cause hairline cracks or breaks. Wearing your pounamu close to the skin will always act as a protective measure.

Please inquire directly with Oro Negro for in-store availability of Porowhita