Collection: Porowhita Circle Of Life

porowhita: to be circular

The closed circle of the porowhita with a hole in-between, represents the never ending circle of life and nature. It also stands for the belief that life is one of continual renewal.

Māori knowledge, mātauranga intrinsically recognises that all animate and inanimate elements are infused with spirit or living essence; encompassing the element of stewardship, or kaitiakitanga, associated with the term when it is used in relation to resources, including land and water.


Our stones are sourced from the Arahura River on the West Coast of the South Island. All our pieces are carved by hand and finished off using the traditional method of sanding by hand with a sandstone stick. We follow the Maori Whakairo (carving) protocols closely and we strive to craft Taonga (treasures) that honour the traditions of the Tangata Whenua (People of the land) of Aotearoa (New Zealand).